Round up of 2023.... or arrrggggghhhh!

2023 was an... odd year.

It had Tigger as a central character both as protagonist and villain with 2 whole months spent dealing with his flooding of the kitchen and the utter chaos that ensued.  Let's just say it's a really good job that I really love that cat. 

The good side of all that was we discovered black mold... eeek!!! Which is, thankfully now a thing of the past - and goes to show you never know what is hiding behind cupboards *shudder*. 

2023 found me getting my business up and running - well okay we are still in the crawling stage, but it's a long way from me making soap purely for personal use and is an entire journey in and of itself. 

I've learned a lot over the year.  How to set up a shopify store, I've dipped my toe into the morass of digital media marketing (oh boy).  I've discovered the joys of meticulously planning my day around caring for my severely disabled hubby while trying to apply my aged brain to new-fangled ideas.  (Something it really does not appreciate.) 

Last but not least I've been having fun with my own health - it's a long, convoluted story that can be summed up by "we can see there is obviously something wrong, we have no idea what it is... try this, it might work but you'll have to deal with the side effects". 

Life.... definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Looking forward into 2024.

I will be making soap, trying new recipes, and joy of joys testing my ability to cope with new scent combinations and no doubt scaring delivery drivers with my sartorial elegance as I answer the door in full soap-making regalia. 

Crafting when I'm not soap-making and in the wee small hours when hubby has issues.

And lastly, I'll be getting a new kitchen (thanks Tigger). 



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