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Drowning in Soap

Well... not literally.  But back in 2016 my soap making journey started.  Melt and Pour Bases, Colours from Amazon, Scents from wherever I found something I liked and I was hooked.

Friends and relatives got soap for every occasion and as the piles of 'what if I try this...' stacked up in every available place in the house those I knew got 'I'm just visiting' soaps as well. 

My scent combinations were sniffed appreciatively and I began to get 'could you make some more of (whatever they really liked). 

I was happy... the family possibly not so much soap in the wardrobes may have been a bit much I admit.

Then in 2018 my health took a dramatic turn for the worse.  Allergies I'd always suffered a little but this was something new and debilitating.  Allergies to chemicals, to 'parfam mix 1' allergies to gold - I didn't even know that was a thing - and food allergies.  It seemed my body was turning against me, and against one of the things I loved to do... make soap.

So I did the obvious thing.  I started making unscented soap for myself and suiting up like some kind of weird astronaut to make the soaps that others really loved but I could have issues with.  I won't regail you with the apparent trauma I've caused delivery people opening the door while in full white suited, masked and goggled soap making mode... but the expressions were often priceless!

Then even the unscented soap bases started causing me issues.  Time to rethink again.

Cold process soap.  I had all the needed protective clothing and gear.  I wasn't allergic to the oils necessary for making the soap, there were no chemicals other than the basics.  I had absolute control over what went into my batches.

I'd found my new direction.  It is possible my family groaned but I was on a mission.  Unscented.  Allergen free soap. 

And Purely Soap was born... or rather emulcified into existence.  4 weeks curing time wasn't going to phase me. 

But scents... I sooo missed scents...                                                 




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