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Minor Hiccups - or Tigger Strikes Again

How does a cat figure in soap making?

If Loki has an avatar - it's this monument to confusion and cuteness

As my husband says 'If he's not doing it, he's thinking about doing it!'  The 'it' in this case is promoting confusion.

How, you ask?

Imagine a windowsill with a plant pot - nothing dramatic, just a succulent that's minding it's own business, growing, enjoying the sun.  Then slowly pan out to see that the plant pot and windowsill in question are over the kitchen sink.

Ground zero for most important things in the kitchen.

Add Tigger.

Who in a fit of... curiosity/insanity decides to pat the plant pot off the sill into the sink - nice you think, he's avoided making a mess.

Except... the plant pot knocked the tap lever on the way down, the soil in the pot filled the plug hole preventing drainage of the torrent of water which is too much for the overflow to cope with...

Add to this... it happens in the middle of the night.


Tigger!  Cat God of floods and unfortunate events.  The bane and joy of my existence.  Life would be so boring without him...

New flooring on the horizon...

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